Tricentenari BCN
Tricentenari BCN

The year 2014 will mark the 300th anniversary of the events of 11 September 1714. For this reason, Barcelona City Council is organising, in cooperation with the Government of Catalonia, a civic commemoration that will help us to rediscover the city of the eighteenth century, to grasp the scope of those events and to understand them in relation to the present situation and our future expectations.

Various city institutions, cultural facilities, district authorities, social and civic associations and media, as well as representatives from the worlds of publication, education and academia will also join together in this commemoration, which will be curated by the journalist Toni Soler.

Tricentenari BCN will promote dialogue between the past and present through a programme of events that will include exhibitions, debates, seminars, publications, routes, civic celebrations and artistic initiatives that will immerse us in history through reflection, revelation, artistic creation and citizen participation.








The keys to the commemoration

The struggle for freedom of the Barcelona people

1714 symbolises the fight by the Barcelonans and the entire Catalan people to defend a legal system and a fabric of individual, institutional and political freedoms against the arbitrary behaviour of absolute monarchy. Voltaire spoke of “the Barcelonans’ extreme love of freedom”. Many activities organised will celebrate the motto “Viure Lliure” (“Live free”, from the expression “viurem lliures o morirem”, “we shall live free or die”).



The Barcelona of 1700

The Barcelona of 1700 was a lively, dynamic city striving to regain lost prosperity by leading moves to introduce a new model for the Spanish monarchy. The fact that the court of King Charles III, Archduke of Austria, was installed here from 1705 to 1713 restored the Catalan capital to its position in high politics, giving it the status of a great European capital. The wealth of documentation relating to those times describes a cosmopolitan city fond of trade, gaming, the theatre and celebration. The people of Barcelona will gain access to this rich legacy when the archaeological site housed in the Born Cultural Centre is opened to the public.






From 1714 to 2014

The War of the Spanish Succession entailed reconsideration of the system of checks and balances in Europe, contrasting very different political models and concepts of sovereignty into conflict.

These Tercentenary commemorations for the events of 1714 provide a reference point from which to reflect on our political future and our relations with Europe.